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Chiropractic Care

Just as important as getting a regular service and check up on our car to ensure no breakdowns, our spine needs to be checked due to the stressors and demands of life. If ignored, and not maintained decreased movement leads to deterioration, unhealthy nerves and early degeneration of the spinal column.

Chiropractic Care

These nerves travel from our brain, through our spine, exiting holes on each side of our vertebrae where they travel, sending messages throughout our body - We call this our nervous system.

The communication within our Nervous System allows us to adapt to the changing and stressful environment that we live in. Different events in our lives put stress on our Nervous system and decrease its ability to adapt, things such as:

  • Physical Stressors (sports and exercise)
  • Emotional Stressors (work and relationships),
  • and Chemical Stressors – (environmental toxins and the food we fuel our body with)

Signals that our Nervous system may not be functioning at optimum level may include injury, decreased immune function, fatigue, aches and pains, decreased ability to rest and sleep.

Chiropractors are trained to locate the areas of misalignment and stress within the vertebral column and by delivering a specific adjustment to the spine, take the pressure off the Nervous system to enhance optimum functioning.
Dr Kate Elmsly


"I would love to meet with you and establish how we can maximise your life and mobility, reducing your pain and ensuring your body isn't slowing you down"

Dr Laura Crowley


Since having her own baby in 2017 her passion for helping mums recover fully from pregnancy and adapt to life with a small child has grown and she loves seeing the whole family to help them all function at their full potential.